Investor: Croatian Motorway Ltd.
Area: 24 Month/s
Construction window: 28.5 Million Euros

Motorway Zagreb – Goričan was built in association with the company Viadukt Zagreb and company Cesta Inc. Varaždin. Work was divided by sections and groups of work:

- section Varaždin - Čakovec (bridge Plitvica) year 2000.; 5.008,80 m3 of dam and cones and 266 m of drilled pilot was manufactured; 2.018 m3 of concrete and 1.064,26 t of reinforcment was built in;

- section Varaždin - Novi Marof (overpasses V.Toplice, Ljubešćica i Boričevec, viaduct Bukovje), year 2004.; 2.383 m3 of dam and cones and 588 of drilled pilot was manufactured, 4.811 m3 of concrete, 1.656 m3 of prefabricated reinforced concrete "T" beams and 853,68 t armature was built in;

- section Breznički Hum - Novi Marof (river Rastovo Rebro i Paka, overpass Breznički Hum, walls for noise protection), year 2003.-2004., 3.187,36 m3 of dam inside of the abutments wing

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