Shopping centers Lidl, Croatia

Investor: Lidl Hrvatska K.d. Hrvatska
Area: 11750 m2
Works value: 13 Million Euros

Lidl shopping centers have been build all around Croatia. All Lidl shopping centers were completed to full functionality. Construction as well as facade consists of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements, and apart from the impact in construction and share in investment, construction, trade and installation works were completed to full functionality of the buildings. Specificity of LIDL shopping centers are double leaning roofs coverd whit tile.

Varaždin (2006) 2.120 m2; Petrinja (2006) 2.060 m2; D.Svetice (2006) 1.890 m2; Sinj (2006) 1.820 m2; Imotski (2006) 1.850 m2; Novi Zagreb (2006) 2.010 m2; Ivanec (2006);  Koprivnica (2010) 2.060 m2, Đurđevac (2010) 2.060 m2, Lanište (2010) 2.517,80 m2, Perušić (2011) 31.000 m2

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