Shopping center WEST GATE - Zaprešić, Croatia

Investor: Stipić grupa Ltd Zagreb
Area: 202600 m2
Construction window: 15 Month/s
Works value: 18.8 Million Euros

A trade-business building in Zaprešić intended for sales, sports and catering purposes, including children's playgrounds (located west of Zagreb-Macelj highway and east of State Road Zagorska magistrala); the project covers approximately 213.000 m2 gross developed area, with the size of the construction lot of approximately 246.000 m2.

This largest trade complex was built in record time - 15 months. Zagorje-Tehnobeton build in 54.000 m3 of concrete out of the total concrete used (105.000 m3); Zagorje-Tehnobeton build in 7.800 t of reinforcement out of the total reinforcement used (15.600 t ). For this project, in our new production plant, we have build complete concrete prefabricated structure.

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