City Stadium ALDO Drosina, Pula, Croatia

Investor: Public Institution Pula Sport
Area: 2445 m2
Construction window: 13 Month/s
Works value: 7.1 Million Euros

Construction of the western stands and stadium was done in two phases First phase included the demolition of the existing west stand and building up a complete western stands area 2445 m2.

During the construction 70% of the building was built in Zagorje - Tehnobeton Inc mounting system. Within the stands there are stadium management offices, locker rooms, fitness center and other rooms. 155 t of reinforcment, 5.292 m3 of concrete and 1.980 t of prefabricated structure was built in the facility.

Beside the main stadium two auxiliary field with artificial grass were built. One auxiliary field has 7400 m2 and the other one3600 m2. The facility was completed to  its full functionality, with all construction, trade and installation works and landscaping.

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