Investor: CRTORAD Ltd. Varaždin
Area: 6400 m2
Construction window: 16 Month/s
Works value: 7,6 Million Euros

Construction of underground garage with two underground floors. Layout dimensions are 79.50 x 81 m with a total of 450 parking spaces. Lover floor bottom elevation is - 8 meters from ground level.

Complete construction, trade and electrical installation works, including completely equipping (video surveillance, lift, visual communication, etc.) are beeing carried out. Constituent part of the garage is the construction of a glass pavilion in the future Square.

The lower floor of the garage is designed to directly connect to the department store. Before starting the construction of underground parking garage facility, the first five months was performing protection construction around it. The function of protective construction is to ensure dry construction pit, and to protect the side of the construction pit from soil pressure, the adjacent buildings and traffic, as well as of underground water pressure.

Complete sealing of the bottom of the pit with the system of jet injection overlaping piles will be caried out, while the protection of the side of the construction pit will be performed with reinforced concrete anchor diaphragm which is 60 cm thick and from 12.60 meters to 15.60 meters deep.

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