Residential - business buildings GRABANICE - Varaždin, Croatia

Investor: Stanoing Ltd
Area: 40551 m2
Construction window: 33 Month/s
Works value: 11,4 Million Euros

Residential buildings Grabanice completed to full functionality, with all construction, trade and installation works and landscaping. Residential buildings Grabanice 1 and Grabanice 2 are located at Jalkovečka street in Varaždin, and have been built in just 17 months. 200 flats and 6 business offices was built.

Each apartment has garage space in the garage on the ground floor or in the underground garage. Grabanice 3 - 4 were built in 6 months and the project conists of 40 flats, Grabanice 5 - 7B were built in 12 months and the project conists of 46 flats, while  Grabanice 6 - 6 were built in 4 months consisting of 64 flats. 14.000 m3 of concrete was built in.

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