Črnomerec center B1, Zagreb

Investor: Črnomerec centar Ltd., Gradiščanska 26, Zagreb
Area: 28500 m2
Construction window: 19 Month/s
Works value: 6,8 Million Euros

Residential business building B1 is located in the southwestern part of the complex Črnomerec Center. With its volume building forms a block of variable storeys with the park in the inner courtyard.

The building is the highest on its southwestern corner and it has 6 floors, while on it's northeast corner is the lowest and has 4 floors. The building has 134 apartments and 6 main entrances.

The apartment area is from 30 m2 up to 200 m2. Top of the building is reserved for exclusive apartments, with green gardens and terraces, with a panoramic view of the city and Medvednica.

In the southern wing of the building is placed a modern office space of the highest category. Spaces are extending over 6 floors and basement. The underground area of the B1 building is located on two levels -1 and -2 with 327 parking spaces.

One of the advantage of the project is turning off the car traffic from the ground floor. Landscape is going to be maintained as public parks, walking paths and playgrounds.

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