Ferro concrete prefabricated elements


Production and sale of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements

In our own production facilites we manufacture and sale reinforced concrete prefabricates for building construction, assembly halls and civil enineering facilities (reinforced concrete classical elements – pillars, floor and roof boards, roof beams, facade elements, reinforced concrete composite beams, bridge trusses). In our production plant in Varaždin in the hall for production of electrical programme we produce centrifugal reinforced concrete pillars with the production capacity of 24 000 pieces of pillars per year and approximately 400 pieces of concrete caseings per year. Main production hall extends on approximately 6.500 m2, and it is equipped with automated equipment for manufacture and installation of concrete, handling, storage and shipping of finished products. The hall has daily production in controlled conditions.

The production of prestressed concrete elements in an open location with 3 usable tracks area of approximately 2,000m2. Ready – made elements depot located inside of the production plant, area of over 8.000 m2, is equipped with bridge cranes and it enables easy shipping of ready – made elements by road and by railway transport (railway track within the plant). In the production proces we use carpentry workshop (production of necessary molds and sheeting) and locksmith workshop (mold, plating and the necessary equipment, production of simple steel structures).

This way production process doesn’t depend on external services, and the production plant is independent in the preparation, elaboration and realization of the determinate projects.

At the production plant there also operates concrete reinforcment assembly hall, with the area of 1.200m2, for production of steel elements and cases for reinforced concrete mostly for our production plant needs. Yearly production excides 18.000 t, 10.000 t for the production plant purpose and rest is for construction sites and market.

Inside the production operates a laboratory for the control of the concrete embedded in the ready-mixed concrete elements is with all the required tests, as well as control of concrete embedded in concrete structures at the building sites. Laboratory has contracted a professional collaboration with the Institute IGH Ltd. in terms of monitoring and attestation related to our products, all in regulations with EU standards.



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