Broad range of concrete products

Zagorje – Tehnobeton produce and sale:

- reinforced concrete prefabricates for the construction of buildings, assembly halls and civil engineering facilities (reinforced concrete classical elements – pillars, floor and roof boards, roof beams, facade elements, reinforced concrete composite beams, bridge trusses)

- electrical programme (centrifugal reinforced concrete pillars and reinforced concrete boxes)

- concrete in contemporary conditions (with its impressive construction machinery facilitates and speeds up business operations and the following up of all other activities). Zagorje–Tehnobeton d.d. in its plants for the production of concrete annually produces approx. 200,000 m3 of concrete, and its mobile facilities for the manufacture of concrete annually produces approx. 80,000 m3 of concrete

- concrete accessories (concrete plates of various dimensions, colours and shapes, corner stones, hollow tiles, concrete pipes, vineyard poles and concrete blocks)

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