Specializated for different activities

The Company is planning and developing different projects in building construction and civil engineering for development purposes, market purposes and for renowned clients.

The core activity of Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. is building construction, including big shopping centres, industrial buildings and commercial buildings. The Company specialises in the turnkey system construction of residential quarters, hotel complexes, sports facilities, schools, kindergartens and multi-purpose facilities. However, reconstruction and upgrading also take a considerable part of their activity.

The most significant major projects are the shopping malls Garden Mall in Zagreb, Avenue Mall in Osijek, City centar one in Split, Lumini in Varaždin, Roses fashion outlet in Sv. Križ Začretje, Hotel Lav in Split, city sports hall in Varaždin, residential quarters POS Varaždin and POS Zagreb – Sesvete, commercial building Almeria in Zagreb, Rosckwool in Potpićani – Istria, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Split, Clinical Hospital Centre Rebro in Zagreb, Radin in Sveta Nedjelja, Business park in Sveta Nedjelja.

In the field of civil engineering, in consortium with other leading construction companies, but also independently, Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. built up a large part of Croatian highways, mainly viaducts, bridges, overpasses, underpasses and drainage.

The Company manufactures and sells:

  • prefabricated reinforced concrete elements (columns, floor and roof framing, roof girders, facade elements, pre-stressed AB floor slabs, beams for bridges) for the construction of buildings, assembly halls and facilities,
  • the electric range (centrifuged reinforced concrete columns and concrete casing) for the Electrical power industry needs,
  • concrete mass
  • diverse range of concrete products (pavers of various sizes, colours and shapes, plates, curbs, ditches, concrete pipes, caps, vineyard posts and concrete blocks).

The project bureau within Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. employs 15 experts who work on project documentation for system needs and for the market.
The Company is planning and developing different projects in building construction and civil engineering for development purposes, market purposes (flats, offices, apartments), for renowned clients (all types of facilities, from purchase of property, through design and construction to the final entry of facilities into the Land Registry and Cadastre). They also provide the services of selling property and built spaces, moving in and taking over of buildings, while monitoring them until the expiration of warranty period; and for well-known clients they create and adjust the course of implementation according to their needs.

Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. spread their business intensively in the countries of the region.

Their competitiveness stems from considerable experience in working with foreign investors and partners, and it is evident in the reaching of international standards in contracting, management and technology of construction. Thus with such competitiveness the company maintains the highest global standards in construction.

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