Construction - witness of time

In year 1946., a year after the official and of one of the most tragic and most terrible periods in recent history, World War II., construction society was founded in Varazdin and that was the beginning of today's Zagorje - Tehnobeton.

The beginning of Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. dates back to 1946, to the founding of a construction company.

The Company was founded with the goal of restoration and reconstruction of war-inflicted and destroyed buildings. With the help of management’s solid organisation, desire and will, as well as the economically fertile climate of the Baroque Varaždin, the Company has strengthened its capacities and expanded its business over the years. The company’s name has changed; however, they kept the word »Zagorje«.

The primary business activity was and has remained the performance of construction work in construction building and civil engineering, while nowadays the activity expands to designing as well as manufacturing and selling AB prefabricated elements and concrete products. In recent history, the Company was named Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. and they managed to unite a wide range of products, activities and organised business. Nowadays, the collective consists of 320 organised creative employees. In the seventies, the Company employed 4000.

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