Did you know ...

Zagorje-Tehnobeton was the first construction company in Croatia to engage in building projects according to the public-private partnership model.

In its own manufacturing facility, Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. produced the first longest AB prefabricated main carrier, 38.5 m, for the sports hall in Dugo Selo, built the first Kaufland shopping centre in Croatia (Kaufland Karlovac), the first Baumax shopping centre in Croatia (Baumax in Varaždin) and the first distributional centre Lidl in Croatia (Lidl in Jastrebarsko).

Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. was the first Croatian construction company to invest in the Kosovo market.

Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. is the first construction company in Croatia, that has offered the scholarship programme for high school students for occupations in short supply (bricklayer and carpenter) since 2002.

Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. invested in the modernisation of its facility in Varaždin and nowadays they own the most modern concrete production facility in Croatia and this part of Europe with cement production capacity of 150 m3 per hour.

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