Broad range of domestic and foreign investors

Zagorje - Tehnobeton is a thriving provider of world class products and services.

Zagorje-Tehnobeton Inc. one of the leaders in construction sector in Croatia, established 1946 and situated in the historical, baroque city of Varaždin, has, despite going through the troubled times of transition from agreed economy to free market economy, managed to become a thriving provider of world class products and services.

We have always tried to be a good partner for a broad range of domestic as well as foreign investors. This policy has proven to be very efficient, especially in terms of resisting the global crisis successfully, which has also struck our construction sector.

Zagorje-Tehnobeton Inc. is well known for its expertise in all kinds of construction, from predominating building construction to civil engineering. It is also the leading Croatian company in fast precast construction of buildings for a range of different purposes using high-quality prefabricated elements which are a product of our own design office and our own production plant. Our highly trained staff easily fulfills the construction of projects until their full functionality, in most cases applying the turnkey contract system.

The company’s activities are focused on the construction of shopping and logistics centres, residential and commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, sports facilities and schools.
Zagorje Tehnobeton Inc. has continuously been taking part in the Government run projects such as the construction of motorways, schools, hospitals and electrical power distribution systems.

Partnership with the Croatian Government has been proven through several very successful projects realised within the Public-Private Partnership model (PPPI) in building and managing sports arenas and schools.

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