We build our company values on tradition and quality, organisational culture, which has been created for generations. We are capable of carrying out complex tasks, finishing projects on time and till perfect functionality, as well as taking responsibility for all activities that belong to its domain. We practise our vision and mission. Our skilled personnel easily manage the building of objects until complete functionality, most often on the turnkey system. Our business success is built on continuous affirmation and communication with investors, business partners and buyers and our business attitude is clear through their slogan "guaranteed line of cooperation".

We take the responsability for all the activities, national and international and they are all coordinated from the headquarters in Varaždin, Croatia.

We are ready to respond to all demands of the market, by offering our products and services. Always working to strengthen our competitive capacity through investment in human and material resources, so we can successfully fulfill all of the contractual obligations. Through continuous and effective care for the environment, we try to achieve sustainable development.

Following the »guaranteed line of cooperation « slogan, we achieve complete satisfaction of investors, buyers, business partners and employees through the realisation of construction projects,

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Zagorje - Tehnobeton d.d.
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42000 Varaždin

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service offer and product range, while respecting legal and other demands of the environment, and continual development of environment awareness with employees.
As sponsors of sports events, cultural events and by supporting various humanitarian societies and associations, as well as environmental awareness, we try to advocate ideas promoting progress and upgrading life quality. Because, nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.

With our business policy we desire to be highly competitive on the European market. Through cooperation with EU companies and building for EU investors, we have a chance to recognise our imperfections, as well as advantages.



The core activity of Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. is building construction, including big shopping centres, industrial buildings and commercial buildings. The Company specialises in the turnkey system construction of residential quarters, hotel complexes, sports facilities, schools, kindergartens and multi-purpose facilities. However, reconstruction and upgrading also take a considerable part of their activity.

The projects are built until their full functionality with all construction, trade and instalation works and landsaping, in most cases applaying the "turnkey" system.

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In the field of civil engineering, in consortium with other leading construction companies, but also independently, Zagorje-Tehnobeton d.d. built up a large part of Croatian highways, mainly viaducts, bridges, overpasses, underpasses and drainage.

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Production and sale of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements

In our own production facilites we manufacture and sale reinforced concrete prefabricates for building construction, assembly halls and civil enineering facilities (reinforced concrete classical elements – pillars, floor and roof boards, roof beams, facade elements, reinforced concrete composite beams, bridge trusses).

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Electrical programme

In our production plant in Varaždin in the hall for production of electrical programme we produce centrifugal reinforced concrete pillars with the production capacity of 24 000 pieces of pillars per year and approximately 400 pieces of concrete caseings per year.

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Concrete and accessorise

In the production hall in Varaždin we have 4 plants for the production of concrete along with 6 mixing plants with the max. capacity production of approximately 200 m3/h and 200.000m3 of concrete per year. Also, we have the possibility to engage two more mobile mixing plants for needs at large building sites. Mobile mixing plant production capacity untill now was 80.000m3 per year

For our customers, constructors and our building sites needs, with in the hall for production of concrete accessories, we produce approximately 90.000 m2 of paving blocks, 100.000 pieces of concrete blocks, 18.000 pieces of gutters, 16.000 pieces of prestressed concrete columns, 100.000 pieces of plates, 200.000 pieces of curbs and 33.000 pieces of pipes and covers.

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